Rocket Arena Announced

Rocket Arena Blasts Into the PvP Shooter Space, Closed Beta Coming Soon

If you’ve been looking for a new game where you can show the world whose skills are really out of this world, Rocket Arena looks like a game that could do it. Developed by Final Strike Games, Rocket Arena is an online shooter where players equipped with rockets compete for dominance. Don’t worry though, the rockets are non-lethal. In the trailer below, competitors can be seen utilizing a variety of weapons and modes of travel throughout several diverse arenas. The game takes an artistic cue from one of Nexon America’s (publisher behind Rocket Arena) previously shutdown titles, Lawbreakers, and adds in a little bit of that Fortnite styling.

Rocket Arena will come with four different game modes upon release:

  • Knockout: Each player begins a match with three badges. When a player is knocked out of the arena, they will lose one of their badges. Even if a player loses all three of these, they will still be able to push opponents out of the arena until the match is over.
  • Rocketball: Players must move a ball over to the opposing team’s goal and score the most points to win. This looks to be a Capture the Flag style competition, not a soccer game-esque mode such as in Rocket League.
  • Mega Rocket: Another capture style mode that tasks players with fighting over points around the map where rockets have landed. It seems very similar to Control in Destiny, but without set points.
  • Rocketbot Attack: This is a cooperative game mode where you and a handful of friends must fight off a legion of computer-controlled Rocketbots.

All of this chaos takes place in the world of Crater. This is split up into half a dozen different areas, with each of these zones being represented by a playable character. Players will take up the mantle of “one of the tour’s competitors, each one wielding their own unique rocket launcher, rockets, and special abilities.” There are six characters to go along with the regions: Kayi, Amphora, Izell, Jayto, Blastbeard, and Plink.

If all of this has your inner rocketeer screaming “Blast Off!” the good news is Rocket Arena will be holding a closed beta between May 23 and May 29. Anyone interested has until May 22 to register, and those selected will be notified via e-mail. Final Strike Games will be giving away a handful of in-game items for those who participate in the beta, and there will also a few real-life prizes raffled out.

No official release date has been given for Rocket Arena yet, so cool your jets until we hear more about the game in the coming months.