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EA Bringing 3v3 Arena Shooter Rocket Arena to Consoles and PC in July

On July 14th, Electronic Arts and developer Final Strike Games will launch Rocket Arena on the PlayStation 4, PC via Origin and Steam, and Xbox One. Out of the gate, this 3v3  arena shooter will support cross-play across all platforms. Its first season is slated to kick off two weeks after launch on July 28th.

EA and Final Strike Games unveiled the title yesterday during the EA Play Live digital event. As is often the case, a reveal trailer accompanied the announcement. See Rocket Arena in action in the video featured below:

Given the game’s title, it should come as no surprise that “rockets rule everything.” Each hero character in Rocket Arena is equipped with their own signature rocket and set of skills. They additionally boast individual personalities, as well as rivalries with other characters.

While rockets should prove easy enough to use, mastering them is a different matter entirely. To truly become adept at Rocket Arena’s explosive gameplay, players will need to perfectly time dodges, lead their targets, and tactically makes use of various gadgets and items.

Rocket Arena will further mix things up by guaranteeing that players never plummet to their death. That’s right, no dying. Instead of a death sentence for taking one too many hits, players will find themselves blasted out of the arena. To return to the action, all anyone will need to do is ride their rocket back into the fight.

EA Play Live’s recent event likely featured something for everyone. While Rocket Arena appealed to fans of competitive play, Hazelight Studios’ It Takes Two is bound to pique the interest of those looking for more story-based co-op experiences. Star Wars fans were treated to gameplay of Star Wars: Squadron. Meanwhile, SKATE faithful finally received the long-awaited reveal for a brand-new entry in the franchise.

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