A Sekiro Player’s Throwing Their Money Away to Beat the Game

FromSoftware games have a die-hard player-base. This is evidenced by the way players have gotten through the company’s games. As if they weren’t difficult enough, players have gotten through Dark Souls using Rock Band instruments, and one player even did the entire Souls series back-to-back without getting hit. Well now, a player is getting through Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice using only the Sen Throw Prosthetic Tool on bosses.

If you’re unfamiliar, the Sen Throw move allows you to throw money to deal minimal damage. It’s a supplementary move that almost feels like a joke, since it’s not normally too useful and it eats into your hard-earned cash. The YouTuber by the name of Tyrannicon has a couple of videos of him defeating the earlier bosses in the game using the aforementioned Sen Throw and it’s definitely a sight to see.

What’s fascinating is that the Sen Throw actually works and it doesn’t seem to require as much skill as you’d think. Seeing as how you can use it as a projectile, you can stand back to avoid getting hit and deal out consistent damage, provided you have the cash. In the video of him defeating Genichiro, one of the harder early-game bosses, the player barely takes any damage, because the money throw stuns the boss. It does take a while though, since the Sen Throw doesn’t do much damage, but it actually works.

Tyrannicon also has a list of which bosses he’s defeated using the Sen Throw and how much it cost to beat them. Keep in mind, one Sen Throw depletes 5-10 Sen. If you’re curious, Genichiro costs 1255 Sen to defeat if you’re only throwing money at him.

So far, the player has not defeated every boss using this method, but he’s well on his way. This is an interesting method to try if you’re struggling with the game, since it seems to be more useful than you might expect.

[Source: YouTube via Destructoid]