Sony Presentation Shows Marvel’s Spider-Man Running on the PlayStation 5

Sony seems to be gearing up for a PlayStation 5 (name still TBA) reveal in the near future. The company showed off it’s next-generation platform in action recently, giving the public its first real look at what the future of PlayStation has to offer. The presentation shown by Sony touts one of the most talked-about pieces of that deep-dive Wired interview earlier in the year. The video makes it clear just how much more powerful this technology is than Sony’s current most powerful console, the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Take a look at it here:

Like in the Wired interview, Sony uses Marvel’s Spider-Man to show off the performance capabilities of its next-generation console. (The PS5 is backwards compatible, after all) While it took eight seconds to fully load on the PS4 pro, the next-generation dev kit took less than a second. While hearing Mark Cerny’s words on the matter is impressive on its own, seeing it in-person (more or less) really sells it all. No true gameplay was shown in the clip, though watching the load time comparison is definitely a big deal.

The clip also showed off seamless transitions in Marvel’s Spider-Man, which is also impressive in its own right. Load times on the PS4 Pro were relatively short, but watching that platform’s performance in comparison to the next-gen platform is a sight to behold.

Other details on the next-gen platform were slim, though Sony confirmed it was remaining in contact with numerous third-party developers “to ensure PlayStation will remain as the best place to play.”

While the console itself still remains under wraps, details on the system continue to piece together. Outside of the more powerful hardware, it will be compatible with the current PlayStation VR headset. We still don’t know when it will release, though we do know it will be in late 2020 at the earliest.