PSN Monthly Active Users

PSN Reaches 94 Million Monthly Active Users

Sony held its Corporate Strategy Meeting on May 20, 2019, where it discussed a slew of news and results pertaining to the ongoing state of PlayStation and looked ahead to the company’s future. Among some of the interesting points was a look at the current number of active users across the entirety of the PlayStation Network. It was revealed that the PlayStation Network has reached 94 million active monthly users, which is an impressive accomplishment for Sony.

Since there are several platforms across the PlayStation ecosystem that support PSN, it’s important to note that this isn’t only pertaining to the PS4, but also the PS3 and Vita. This number also accounts for all PSN users, regardless of whether they have a PlayStation Plus subscription or not. But, in case you’re wondering, there are around 36 million PS Plus members, as of February of this year.

Aside from the impressive number of active PSN users, it was reaffirmed that 96.8 million PS4s have shipped. Keep in mind, this does not mean 96.8 million systems have been sold to customers, but rather that they’ve been shipped to retailers. Still, Sony should hit 100-million units shipped by the fall of this year, with an equal number of units sold shortly thereafter.

Sony is most definitely in the position to start the next generation off strong, as the company aims to make PlayStation “the best place to play.” As it stands, there is no confirmation for when we’ll see next generation hardware, but it’s expected to launch in the fall of 2020. With 94 million monthly active users, there is certainly a massive community that is sure to be fired up to migrate to the PS5 (or whatever it will be called since Sony hasn’t offered a name yet).

Either way, a huge congratulations to Sony for continuing to succeed in the console space. We’re excited to see how the next generation shapes up.

[Source: Sony]