PlayStation Plus Subscribers Hit a Record High

In a recent investor report, Sony has revealed some interesting things, and that ended up including an impressive number of PlayStation Plus subscribers. After reports that PlayStation 4 systems have surpassed 90 million units sold, it was also announced that there are over 36 million PlayStation users who pay for PS Plus.

Over one-in-three users isn’t bad, especially considering how many people still don’t have a consistent internet connection. In major cities, this is a non-issue, but in more rural areas in the United States, internet is hard to come by.

These numbers are telling, despite Sony pulling the plug on PS3 and PS Vita games given away, monthly. February is the last month we will get PS3 and PS Vita games with PS Plus and the community is curious to see how that space will be filled going forward. The numbers must have indicated that the amount of last-gen users have declined, ultimately resulting in the shift. One thing Sony has done to slightly fill the void is include 100GB of cloud storage instead of only 10GB. That’s a step in the right direction, but many are hoping to see more games given away each month.

With 36 million subscribers out there, Sony has a massive incentive to continue to make PS Plus a fantastic service. When compared to December of 2017, the amount of PS Plus users have increased by over five million. That number will only increase as internet becomes more prominent and as more PS4s find their way into homes. This raises a lot of questions for how PS Plus will work once PS5 comes out, so we’ll have to wait and see how that turns out.

What would you like to see from PS Plus in the future? Are you excited about February’s games? Let us know!

[Source: GameSpot]