Dead Cells DLC

Free Dead Cells DLC Launches as the Game Celebrates a Sales Milestone

One of last year’s most beloved games was the rogue-like Metroidvania, Dead Cells. Its beautiful pixel art, fast and fluid combat, and excellent music captivated the gaming community, making it an almost instant success for the developer, Motion Twin. Now, in celebration of the game’s success and two million copies sold, you can download a substantial DLC expansion called Rise of the Giant. The best part is that it’s free.

You can find the following new features with the game’s latest update:

The update brings:

● 10 new enemy types, many of which can be found in the higher difficulty modes of the game

● Three new skills have been included in the game which consist of a flying pet and a single use scroll that will reveal the current level map

● 10 new weapons including the Giant Killer, the Boi Axe and the Thunder Shield

● The old Hunter Grenade door in the Prisoners’ Quarters has been replaced by a new Specialist shop where you can buy the Hunter’s Grenade, skins or a lovely new Map

● For the most advanced players, Rise of the Giant holds a new hidden level. An entirely new ending to your story will be revealed to those who can beat the crap out of the new boss waiting for you at the end….

In addition to that, you can check out the full list of patch notes, many of which were suggested by the community. Those can be found below:

  • Thunder Shield rework:

    – Parrying charges you up, dealing damages all around you.

    – Using the shield again when charged up discharge instantly, stunning ennemies.

    – Keeping the shield up still deals damages in front of you.
  • Community suggestion We nerfed arbiter.

    That’s all folks!

    And locked them up in the Cavern in all difficulties, for good measure.
  • New mob: the RampagerThink Zombies, but deadlier.

    Replaces the Arbiter for difficulties BC3+ in all levels.
  • Community suggestion Elite rework:

    – Removed minions

    – Removed the bump when the Elite enrages

    – Weapons and Activables dropped by Elites always have a starred affix.

    – Prevented some mob + ability combos : Shield + Shielding pylons, Failed Experiment + Rotating laser and Bomber + Rotating laser

    – Fixed elites seeing you through walls when climbing one-way platforms.
  • Two new Brutality mutations:

    – Adrenalin: Dodge an ennemy attack at the last second and gain lifesteal on melee damages for a few seconds.

    – Frenzy: Gain lifesteal on melee damages while in speed boost.
  • New affix on amulets: Reveal invisible ennemies.
  • Community suggestion Added an option to remove screenshake.


  • Community suggestion Arbiters nerf:

    – Now only attacks horizontally.

    – Added a deadzone in close range where the hero is safe.

    – Removed them from all levels in BC3+ and put them in Cavern.
  • Flawless buff: Reduced cooldown before crits from 30 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Javelin buff:

    – Cooldown before the weapon comes back automatically reduced from 15 to 10 seconds.

    – The weapon comes back immediately if it falls in spikes or lava.
  • Bombers nerf:

    – Increased charging time before melee attacks.

    – Removed them entirely from Toxic Sewers.
  • Demons nerf:

    – Slightly reduced density in Castle.

    – Stunned on contact with the hero when in mid-air.

    – Slightly increased stun time.
  • Golems nerf/fix:

    – No longer stunlock to death.

    – Elite Golems can no longer teleport next to the hero. But they can still teleport the hero next to them.
  • Knifes Throwers nerf:

    – Stunned on contact with the hero. Elite Knifes Throwers are not though, be careful!
  • Added Flask recharges where the Fountain is broken in BC1.
  • Community suggestion Spikes in Beholder‘s Pit are now retractable.
  • Community suggestion Timed Doors now open if you reach them at the exact last second.
  • Community suggestion [Custom Mode] level modifier Blood no longer resets the kill counter.
  • Community suggestion Added a tiny time frame of invulnerability after opening a chest or picking up a scroll. Less unfair deaths, yay!
  • Community suggestion Increased the level of Legendary items behind boss no-hit challenge doors to be on par with other challenge loot. Version 1.3.2
  • Community suggestion Rebalanced the amount of double and triple scrolls in Graveyard and Cavern:

    – Graveyard: 1 triple/3 double => 3 triple/1 double

    – Cavern: 2 triple/3 double => 3 triple/2 double Version 1.3.2
  • In BC3+, Legendary items have bonus for every tier (Brutality, Tactic and Survival). Version 1.3.2

Level design

  • Community suggestion Fixed some lore rooms never appearing in Astrolab.
  • Community suggestion Fixed a challenge room being impossible to finish.
  • Community suggestion Fixed Cavern sometimes generating an unescapable corridor under entrance bridge.
  • Community suggestion Added Lanterns in boss arena when the Darkness modifier is active (from [Twitch] or [Custom mode]).
  • Lantern are now spawned in multi-treasure rooms when the Darkness modifier is active.
  • Community suggestion Improved light generation in Forgotten Sepulcher.Version 1.3.2

Graphics & UI

  • The Broadsword now glows yellow on the second and third strike.
  • Community suggestion Fixed a gap sometimes appearing in Astrolabbetween the shops roof and its decoration.
  • Community suggestion Fixed Arbiter being stuck in an animation and sliding on the ground.
  • Community suggestion Fixed color of Treasure rooms spilling out a little in outside levels on the minimap.

Music & Sfx

  • Changed SFX for the Forgotten Map.
  • Added a SFX on Failed Experiment dodge.

Bug fixes

  • Community suggestion Legendary altar can no longer spawn in front of doors.
  • Community suggestion Fixed an elevator not going high enough in Astrolab.
  • Community suggestion Fixed a small gap sometimes appearing in Cavernentrance.
  • Community suggestion Fixed meta settings being ignored in [Custom mode]Speciality shop, random equipment at the start, etc.
  • Community suggestion Fixed attack indicator on slowed ennemies.
  • Community suggestion Fixed Hayabusa boots range on the last hit. Did you know that it used to push everyone in the level? Yeah, we didn’t either.
  • Community suggestion Fixed the cooldown for the Owl being inconsistent.
  • Community suggestion Fixed turrets shooting at Giant‘s hands after its death. My immersion!
  • Community suggestion Fixed Failed Experiment hitbox and hurtbox.
  • Community suggestion Fixed some walls with auto-rectractable spikes being climbable.
  • Community suggestion Fixed Cells and Golds pickup dropping on ground when performing some actions. Version 1.3.2
  • Community suggestion Fix Legendary Altar dropping into spikes when spawned on collapsable ground. Version 1.3.2
  • Community suggestion Fixed Bomber hitting you through walls. This fix only concerns the melee sword strike, the flight patterns and dive attack are meant to go through walls. Version 1.3.2
  • Community suggestion Fixed a [Custom Mode] bug on the item quality setting. Version 1.3.2
  • Community suggestion Malaise damages no longer kills cursed hero. Version 1.3.2
  • Community suggestion Fixed reforging an activated legendary Great Owl of War losing the legendary quality. Version 1.3.2
  • Community suggestion Fixed Flawless icon staying indefinitely if you drop the weapon. Version 1.3.2
  • Added a check to avoid getting stuck out of map. Version 1.3.2
  • Fixed StomperBomber and Rampager following you around even when you are invisible. Version 1.3.2

What’s impressive is that Dead Cells has surpassed two million copies sold across all platforms, which is no easy feat for a small studio like Motion Twin. The developer deserves much praise, especially when you consider the game was created in around a year.

Dead Cells is available for 20% off on the PSN right now.