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2019’s Call of Duty is Reportedly a ‘Soft Reboot,’ Simply Titled Modern Warfare

At this point, it’s pretty much an open secret that 2019’s Call of Duty will be a new entry in the long-running Modern Warfare sub-series. However, if a new leak is to be believed, it won’t simply be Modern Warfare 4, as many have been expecting. The newest entry in the iconic series will reportedly simply be titled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and is being designed as a “soft reboot” of the series.

No other information is known about this title outside of the  reported moniker. This new title will apparently be a reinvention of sorts of the first title, though it’s not entirely clear what that means at this point. Activision looks to be gearing up for a proper reveal soon, so we should get more clarity on this in the near future. This was first reported by a YouTuber known as LongSensation. Kotaku’s Jason Schreier then stepped in to say that he could confirm. Activision has yet to reveal or confirm any of these details itself.

While the newest Call of Duty game is (somewhat surprisingly) still a secret, all signs point to it being a new Modern Warfare title. It was first shown to a group of football players, which is when talks of what was thought to be Modern Warfare 4 really began to ignite. Former Infinity Ward developer Robert Bowling fanned the flames even more with teases that bordered on outright confirmation.

Mutliple reports state that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (no, not that one) is being shown off to press and influencers now (which is presumably how LongSensation got this information), so we should expect to see an official announcement soon. The forthcoming reveal of the next Call of Duty is uncharacteristically later than past ones, as we’ve almost reached June without word on this new title. Most Call of Duty titles are revealed in April or early May. However, we do know that it will be the focus of an E3 2019 panel, so we’ll definitely get to know more about it then.

While much of the new Call of Duty is a mystery, there have been reports that Activision is potentially experimenting with free-to-play elements in this title. It’s unknown how this would take shape in the final product. While we still don’t officially even know what 2019’s Call of Duty is, there have already been reports that 2020’s title is in trouble, with a major shift in developers taking place.

What do you think of the reported title for this year’s Call of Duty?

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