Devil May Cry 5 Director Explains Why the Son of Sparda Difficulty Changed

One of the most beloved and best-selling games of 2019 so far is Devil May Cry 5. Fans loved its variety, insane action, and fluid combat, making it an important addition to Capcom’s impressive catalog of games. Recently, GameSpot conducted an interview with the game’s director, Hideaki Itsuno, as well as its producer, Matt Walker, where lots of fascinating Devil May Cry 5 topics were discussed. Most notably, the two talked about the changes implemented to the game’s Son of Sparda difficulty, the inclusion of the Cavaliere motorcycle, and other interesting points about the combat.

The main goal for the Son of Sparda difficulty was to introduce a fun challenge for experienced players. With fun being the main focus, the team at Capcom wanted to change things up by adding a variety of different enemies when compared to lower difficulties. Since you have to have completed the game once on any difficulty to unlock Son of Sparda, you should have plenty of experience and upgrades to help with fighting against the newly-placed enemies.

One enemy you might find more often in this mode is Death Scissors, a creepy demon with a giant pair of, well, scissors. The enemy is designed in such a way that Devil May Cry 5 requires you to match the timing of its attacks in order to counter and achieve a possible one-hit-kill. This implementation is meant to be fun and rewarding for more advanced players. A newcomer would likely struggle with this demon, as its timing takes some skill to get right.

Another example is the inclusion of the Buster Arm during the Goliath fight. Itsuno mentioned that you probably wouldn’t have the Buster Arm during your first playthrough, but on Son of Sparda, you’d be able to use it to actually throw the boss. In addition, you’d be able to use the Buster Arm to counter the boss, giving you a satisfying animation.

Later on in the interview, Itsuno was asked if anything finally made it into Devil May Cry 5 that may have been cut from previous games. This is where the famous Cavaliere comes in, or as most people know it, the motorcycle you can split in half and dual-wield. He noted that the team wanted to implement the motorcycle since Devil May Cry 2, but due to budget constraints and timing, were never able to pull it off until now.

Interestingly, Devil May Cry 3 has a cutscene in which Dante uses a motorcycle like a nunchuck to destroy a horde of demons, which can be seen as the early stages of the Cavaliere’s inception.

[Source: GameSpot]