GameStop CFO Departs Amidst Continued Leadership Shuffle

The state of GameStop‘s leadership will soon receive another shake-up, as Chief Financial Officer Rob Lloyd is preparing to exit his position. Though Lloyd will remain at GameStop in an advisory role until July 3, 2019, his resignation from the CFO post will take effect on June 3rd. According to the company’s security filings via The Wall Street Journal, Lloyd’s impending resignation is completely divorced from issues regarding GameStop’s operation or any disagreements he may have had with the company. Former CFO of Wok Holding Inc., James Bell, will take over Lloyd’s role as the retailer’s CFO.

More changes are also on the horizon where GameStop’s leadership shake-up is concerned. The company has hired Tile Shop Holdings Inc.’s former CEO, Christopher Homeister, who will adopt the role of Chief Merchandising Officer. Homeister’s forthcoming position at GameStop is a newly created one, which he will officially enter into on June 10th. GameStop created another new role, as well–Chief Customer Officer. Marketing Chief Frank Hamlin is on the receiving end of a promotion that will see him appointed in the new position.

This news comes only two months after GameStop assigned George Sherman as its new CEO, who replaced interim CEO Shane Kim. In bringing Sherman on board, the retailer reportedly aimed to move towards a business model that felt more akin to a “cultural experience” for customers.

One of the ways in which it supposedly intended provide a “cultural experience” is by providing variations to its Power Up membership program. Evidence of this taking place has already been made apparent in the ‘Guaranteed to Love It’ initiative, which allows customers to return newly launched games within two days of release. Since the initiative began with Days Gone’s release, it is likely to be a while before we learn whether the return policy has benefited the retailer.

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]