The Division 2’s Newest Specialization Is the Gunner

A new specialization is coming to The Division 2, and it’s set to be a destructive one. Available on the PTR on June 4, 2019, the Gunner will be able to mow down any kind of enemy in their way. The specialization will be available to all players when the Title 4 Update goes live later in June 2019.

The Gunner will be equipped with a devastating minigun. According to Ubisoft, the specialization has an “emphasis on sustained damage output and damage resilience.” Depending on how much Specialization Ammunition the player has, they will receive bonus armor, giving them a bit of a buffer while they try to take down their opponents. However, because their weapon is so large, wielding it renders the player unable to cover, vault, or roll.

Despite the drawbacks, the Gunner has more tricks that could make it worth it. Their signature skill is known as Banshee, and not only leaves its targets confused, it also ignores cover. The specialization also has a unique grenade, known as the Riot Foam Grenade. Of course, a new specialization means a new skill tree.

Unlike other specializations, players will need to complete some Special Field Research to become a Gunner. There are five in-game challenges they will need to complete, with each stage rewarding players with exclusive cosmetic rewards. Completing all five challenges will give players access to the new specialization. Anyone who owns the Year 1 Pass will be given automatic access to the Gunner specialization.

The Gunner is the first new specialization to be introduced to The Division 2. Two more will be introduced later in the year, all part of its first year of post-launch content. We don’t know exactly when the Title 4 update will drop, but it will be in the coming weeks. The Title 3 update introduced its first-ever 8-person raid, though the lack of matchmaking of any kind continues to be a source of controversy. The Division 2’s most recent update addressed a well-known armor exploit, though that wasn’t the only change included.

Are you going to be taking charge of the Gunner’s minigun? Let us know!

[Source: Ubisoft]