Limited Run Games Will Announce Almost 50 Games During Its E3 Press Conference

One of the most prolific distributors of rare physical games is Limited Run Games, a company that is beloved by many in the community. As such, when Limited Run announced it would be having another E3 press conference this year, fans were delighted. What’s even more delightful is the fact that it has nearly 50 games to show during it’s presentation, which is borderline absurd (in a good way).

The owner of the company, Josh Fairhurst tweeted on June 5th, letting everyone know about the impressive amount of projects in the works. The tweet can be seen below:

Surely, there will be at least something there for you to enjoy. On top of that, Fairhurst noted that Limited Run will have “a few big surprises,” which is a fantastic sign for those interested in rare physical games. It’ll be interesting to see what the company will end up showing.

One thing to note is that Limited Run is one of the few companies that still supports the Vita with physical releases. We already know we’ll be seeing some Vita games at its E3 show, but to what capacity is unknown. Earlier in 2019, there were issues with manufacturing sufficient Vita carts, making it impossible to ship out games for that platform. Luckily, that has been rectified.

Games like Yooka-Laylee, Saturday Morning RPG, Firewatch, Broken Age, and more have been released in physical format, thanks to the company. Typically, indie games are its primary focus, but we have seen more major releases like collector’s editions of Jak and Daxter.

Limited Run Games’ E3 press conference will go live on June 10th, 2019 at 3 pm ET. We’re excited for what they have to show.

What do you make of this announcement? Is there anything you’re hoping to see from its press conference? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Twitter]