Fortnite Creative Director Tweets His Love of Destiny, and Now Fans Want a Crossover

Fortnite is no stranger to epic crossovers. The Avengers, John Wick (yup, Keanu Reeves was in Fortnite before he made his Cyberpunk 2077 appearance), and even an upcoming Stranger Things crossover have all graced the extremely popular free-to-play battle royale title. Donald Mustard, the Worldwide Creative Director at Epic Games, recently tweeted out his love of Destiny, and that has fans asking for a Fortnite crossover with Bungie’s MMO shooter.

To start this story we have to go back a week or so, to when Bungie revealed Destiny 2: Shadowkeep as the next big expansion that would fundamentally reinvent Destiny 2. As Guardians will be returning to the moon and exploring what lies beneath the surface, plenty of memes and jokes have spawned around this new take on an old environment, but the real kicker was the actual news that recently surfaced about an enormous mass embedded in the center of the moon. One of the most common jokes revolved around how Bungie is taking the Shadowkeep marketing a little too far.

Donald Mustard retweeted the CNN article about the moon mass, and a few hours later followed it up by saying “‘That Wizard came from the Moon!’ I really love Destiny. And Dinklage 😉 So many hours poured into Raiding with my friends from VOG onwards. Hope our moon is hiding Crota.”

“That Wizard came from the moon!” dates back to Destiny 1’s alpha, when Peter Dinklage held the role of the player’s Ghost. The line was so ridiculed that it never made it into the final game, so as with so many things in Destiny, it remained a moment for longtime players to remember with fondness. Mustard’s reference to this line clearly shows he’s been a fan of the game for a long time, and it’s not uncommon that we see things he’s a fan of make it into Fortnite. That doesn’t mean that we’re definitely getting a Destiny crossover in Fortnite, but that hasn’t stopped multiple players from asking about it or requesting it.

Crossovers can be beneficial for both brands. They give Fortnite a surge of new, exciting content that holds a current cultural relevance, and whatever is being put into the game gets to use one of the biggest platforms in the world to do a fun promotion. If Mustard is hinting about some kind of Destiny event in Fortnite, we might expect to see it around September when Shadowkeep launches. If not, Bungie and Epic have about three months to make it happen. Of course, Bungie won’t want any competition come the launch of Shadowkeep, so promoting the game by having players play a different game may not be a great idea.

Would you like to see a Fortnite Destiny crossover to promote the upcoming release of Shadowkeep?