No Man’s Sky Fans Thank Hello Games With Heartwarming Billboard

Since its rocky 2016 launch, No Man’s Sky has continuously improved. The tireless efforts of the development team at Hello Games hasn’t gone unnoticed, either. As a token of their appreciation, fans launched a crowdfunded campaign on GoFundMe to purchase billboard space near the Hello Games office. The campaign quickly succeeded, raising the funding goal of $1,750 in just one day. At the time of writing, the GoFundMe is still earning money, with the total now sitting over $3,300.

Creative Director Sean Murray shared a photo of the recently installed billboard on his Twitter account. Check it out below:

The campaign began with the No Man’s Sky community on Reddit, according to the GoFundMe page. In addition to purchasing billboard space to thank Hello Games, some of the funds were also used to buy the development team lunch and beer. As noted in one of the campaign’s updates, the excess funds will go to an even greater cause, purchasing games for disadvantaged and sick youth. Apparently, the person running the GoFundMe page has already reached out to a special needs school. Those interested in keeping up with progress on this side of the campaign can do so by visiting TheGiftofGaming subreddit.

Heartwarming gestures of this nature make the hardships worth it, right? Imagine how team members of Hello Games must feel. No Man’s Sky’s critically panned launch had many positing whether the studio would survive such a pitfall. Now the game’s in the best state it’s ever been, courtesy of recent updates and incoming VR support. To top it all off, fans are going above and beyond to show thanks, and are now contributing funds to charitable causes. If this becomes integral to No Man’s Sky’s legacy, who would change the launch year’s misfortune? It all seems to have paid off beautifully.

[Source: GoFundMe via Sean Murray on Twitter]