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Face the Unbread Horde in Overcooked 2’s Spookiest Expansion Yet

Team17 is bringing even more content to Overcooked 2, and this may be its spookiest update yet. Night of the Hangry Horde gives Overcooked 2 a devilish makeover, adding new cooking mechanics, new chefs, and even a brand new mode. Yes, Overcooked 2 has a horde mode, which should make every prospective chef shake in terror. The update was first released for the Nintendo Switch, but expect it on all platforms, including the PlayStation 4, soon.

Take a look at Night of the Hangry Horde in action:

The bone-chilling expansion is part of the Overcooked 2 Season Pass. However, it can also be purchased separately for $9.99 USD. With the DLC, you’ll have access to four frightening new chefs. They are the ghost, vampire, werewolf, and, brace yourself, the Boxhead chef from the first Overcooked!

Of course, the big headline of this expansion is the all new horde mode. According to Team17, eight new kitchens will be added to Overcooked 2 for horde mode. You’ll have to stop the unbread from attacking the Onion King’s castle by, well, feeding them! Waves of doughy enemies will flock to the castle, and only your culinary skills can stop them. By curbing the unbread’s appetite, you’ll be rewarded with coins that will allow you to repair the castle. In addition, these coins can also be used to unlock secret passageways, making your trips through the castle much faster.

While the addition of horde mode and its related kitchens is exciting enough, there’s much more that comes with Night of the Hangry Horde. Nine new themed kitchens are also included, as well as three spooky, secret Kevin kitchens. You’ll also have access to a variety of new, appropriately macabre equipment, including a guillotine and a coal furnace.

While this definitely appears to be Overcooked 2’s most expansive set of DLC yet, it’s far from the only update to this crazy kitchen. It joins fellow expansions Surf ‘n’ Turf and Campfire Cook Off. If you haven’t tried out Overcooked 2 yet, our review called it both “completely satisfying” and “enticingly challenging.”

[Source: Team17]