You’ll Probably Be Slaying Behemoths in Dauntless on Next-Gen Consoles

We won’t know for sure for another year or so, but live-service games could present an interesting conundrum when next-generation hits. Will everything from a game like The Division 2 simply transfer over? We can only speculate as to what Ubisoft has planned in this regard. Phoenix Labs, however, knows exactly what it wants. If the studio has a say in the matter, Dauntless will indeed make its way to the next-generation of consoles.

Phoenix Labs’ Director of Marketing, Nick Clifford, made it clear the studio wants Dauntless to be available on as many platforms as possible. This mindset is apart of the developer’s “One Dauntless” vision, which also includes cross-play functionality. Clifford touched on this in a recent interview with PlayStation Universe.

We are ravenous for the latest hardware, whether that’s a new RTX video card or a new console from Microsoft. We don’t have any concrete plans just because it’s so super fresh and we know so little about it. But I can tell you–philosophically, as a studio–when a new platform comes to market, absolutely yes, 100%. We want to be a part of it because, again, we want to continue to expand our “One Dauntless” vision, where Dauntless is everywhere and accessible and cross-platform-cross-everything, for sure.

Of course, Clifford’s statement does not outright confirm Dauntless as a surefire thing for the next Xbox and PlayStation 5. Still, his words at least seem to suggest Phoenix Labs will look into when the time comes.

In Dauntless, players take on the role of a Slayer, a monster hunter sent into the wilds to take out Behemoths, or monsters, that remain a threat to the world. Players can take on the beasties solo or join in with a group of up to four other Slayers.

Dauntless is available as a free-to-play title now for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. It is expected to release for the Nintendo Switch sometime later this year.

[Source: PlayStation Universe]