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A Masters of Doom TV Pilot Has Been Ordered by USA Network

USA Network has ordered a TV series pilot based on David Kushner’s popular nonfiction book, Masters of Doom. If you’re unfamiliar, this 2003 book covers the influence and history of prolific video game developer id Software and its two co-founders, John D. Carmack and John Romero. You might know id Software from games such as Wolfenstein, Quake, and of course, DOOM.

The TV series will feature James and Dave Franco as executive producers, along with Tom Bissell as a writer. Bissell has a history with video games, writing for series like Uncharted and Battlefield. He is also credited as co-writing Disaster Artist, which was later adapted into a film, starring both James and Dave Franco. If the project gets picked up, it will cover the story of DOOM’s development and be the first in an anthology. Later installments would focus on important moments in video game history.

Doom is one of the most beloved and important shooters of all time, with 2016’s DOOM garnering almost universal praise from critics and fans. In fact, its success has spawned a sequel, DOOM Eternal, which will be released in November 2019.

Kushner’s Masters of Doom also tells the history of how id Software influenced pop culture and how Carmack and Romero became rivals. Although, it’s unclear how faithful to the source material the TV series will be. Hopefully, the series gets picked up, because DOOM’s development was fascinating..

We’ll keep you updated on all things Masters of Doom as more information becomes available.

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