Naboo’s Capital Supremacy Crashings Haulted by a Temporary Change

Ben Walke, Community Manager for Star Wars Battlefront II, revealed DICE has made some temporary changes to Capital Supremacy on Naboo, in an effort to prevent crashes. Since the previous update, players have been reporting crashing issues on Naboo when transitioning from ground to ship phase. Until a full fix can be provided, a bandaid has been applied.

Here’s Walke’s tweet, which goes over the three changes.

Star Wars Battlefront II recently saw a massive update to the game. It added new reinforcements for both the Separatists and the Galactic Republic. Droidekas were finally introduced into the game, and the Republic received the TX-130 tank to aid them in battle. Many different changes were also made to the game’s Heroes and Villains, which further balanced out the gameplay on both sides. As was mentioned above, the new Naboo map was added into the game’s Capital Supremacy mode, although it didn’t come without its bugs.

What do you think about these fixes to the Naboo map for Capital Supremacy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

[Source: Twitter]