Players Can Earn 30% Extra Cash and XP in Red Dead Online This Week

Anyone with Red Dead Online will be able to earn some extra in-game money and XP until July 8, 2019. Players who saddle up can earn 30% more in-game money and XP from any of the game’s many Free Roam Missions. Players can also pick up the free “Respectful Bow” emote from any of the in-game stores. Take advantage of these extra earnings while they last, and maybe use the money to purchase some of the in-game items that are on sale this week.

There are a lot of discounts in effect. For starters, all weapon components are 30% off, and in case you’re in need of a reliable weapon, the Evans Repeater is currently sitting at a reduced price of 25% off. Red, White, and Blue bandannas are also 50% off. Players can grab some free items this week too. Gun oil is free from any vendor in-game, so be sure to keep your weapons maintained while you’re out on the trail. The game also has some new clothing items for players to wear. The Cabrera Pant, the Pelt Half Chaps, and the Cromwell Hat are all available for purchase in-game starting this week. Finally, red and blue camp flags are free until July 8, 2019 as well, so get out there and show some patriotism folks!

Red Dead Online recently ended its Beta period, and Rockstar Games added in several new features including the ability to play Poker, new Free Roam Missions, and new Co-op Missions. The new Co-op Missions are a part of the game’s “A Land Of Opportunities” questline, which can be completed by both honorable and dishonorable players. In the update, players can also play Poker at tables throughout the world with friends, or random players, to earn some quick money if they are in need, or if they just enjoy playing Poker.

Will you be getting back on the saddle this week in Red Dead Online? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

[Source: VG247]