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Add Telefrag VR to Your Arsenal of PvP Shooters When It Hits PlayStation VR This Month

Sony’s PlayStation VR continues its trend of adding interesting shooters to the growing library with the imminent addition of Telefrag VR, from Anshar Studios. A PvP arena shooter with cross-platform play capabilities, Telegrag VR is set to release on the PlayStation Store in just a few days on July 19th for a price that has not yet been listed.

Honestly, it’s a little wilder than it may initially sound. In Telefrag VR, players jump into the shoes of a space gladiator. One of the key selling points may be the title’s setting–an alternate universe wherein the Roman Empire never fell. Therefore, gladiatorial sport lives on in space arenas, where players take on opponents with weapons based in science fiction, rather than spears and shields.

To see the madness of Telefrag VR in action, check out the gameplay trailer in the video linked below:

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Anshar Studios’ PR & Communication Specialist,  Jakub Kwinta, provided a rundown on every weapon featured in Telefrag VR’s armory. Each weapon has two firing modes and allows players to dual-wield should they choose to do so.

Thus far, there appears to be five weapons in total; the name of each pretty much speaks for itself. The Rocket Launcher, for instance, packs a long distance punch, especially as players will have the option to control its projectiles mid-air. Those who aren’t so good at aiming and controlling the projectiles need not worry, however. A Rocket Launcher’s area of effect damage can cause enough harm all on its own.

Flak Cannons in Telefrag VR will be similarly devastating. Bouncing projectiles will get the job done in taking out enemies tucked away behind cover. Yet, the alternative firing mode, which deploys mines, will likely be most formidable in cases of tactical play. Other weapons include the Plasma Rifle, Particle Cannon, and Laser Pistol, all of which will bring something unique to this particular VR experience.

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