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How to Get More Than Four Boons Daily For the Destiny 2 Tribute Hall

Update: After some additional testing, it looks like there are even more ways to get this to work and get even more boons each day across all characters. They key I found was never turning in all four bounties on one character before logging into another character and turning in their bounties. If you turn in three at a time, especially around reset (anecdotal, as I haven’t wanted to test at a different time in case it doesn’t work), and then switch characters, it never clues in that you’ve turned in more than four total. Complete all of the previous day’s bounties, save them over reset and turn in three at a time on each character.

For reference, it is now Sunday, which is day six. I should be maxed out at a 24% discount, but I currently have a 35% discount.

Original: Struggling to get 80 Boons to max out your Tribute Hall discount in Destiny 2? We’ve found a way to game the system and get more than the daily cap of four, but it does require playing at a specific time during the day to take advantage of the daily reset clock.

This last week, Bungie lifted the curtain on this year’s Moments of Triumph event and also presented players with a shiny golden gift: Calus’ Tribute Hall. The Tribute Hall is our very own trophy room where we can bask in the glory of our accomplishments, as well as obtain the new (well, returning from Destiny 1) Bad Juju Exotic pulse rifle. Some of these trophies require lots of in-game materials to purchase, but there’s a way to get a discount through Boons obtained by completing Champion Bounties. The daily cap for these Boons is supposed to be four, but on the first day, many players noticed odd bugs where some people where getting as many as six or eight done.

I wasn’t looking forward to the timegate of 20 days minimum to reach the maximum discount of 80%, so I set out to understand exactly how players had managed to bug out their boons and get more than the daily limit of four. By the second day, I had 10 and I realized that part of that had come from trying to rapidly finish bounties before the daily reset. With a little bit of testing, I’m now at 21 on day four, which should only have a maximum of 16. Here’s how I managed to get more than four boons daily.

How to Get More Than Four Boons Daily in the Destiny 2 Hall of Tributes

These steps will show you how to get up to eight boons each day from the Champion Bounties in the Hall of Tributes.

What you will need:

  • At least two characters
  • The ability to play Destiny 2 during the daily reset

The process:

  1. Log into an alt character just before the daily reset (30 minutes or so) and grab the previous days bounties.
  2. Complete the bounties. It doesn’t matter if they are completed before or after the reset time, just make sure they are the ones from the prior day and that you do not log out of the character before completing them or turning them in! You MUST be playing over the reset time for this to work. 
  3. Wait for reset (if it hasn’t happened already). Stay logged in! The bounties will reward Boons.
  4. Turn in the three bounties for threeBoons.
  5. Turn in the three boons at the Tribute Hall.
  6. Switch over to your main character.
  7. Pick up the current days bounties. These should still say that they will reward you with Boons.
  8. Complete all four of the current day’s bounties on your main character
  9. Turn in the four bounties for four boons.
  10. Turn in the four boons at the Tribute Hall.
  11. Repeat steps 1-10 the next day, using your alt to pick up the previous day’s bounties and carry them over the daily reset.

It seems that there is some kind of server flag that will tell the bounties it’s a new day and to reward Boons once again, but if carried over reset while still logged into the same character, those won’t count towards the current day’s Boon allotment. While I had initially thought it might be possible to get 12 in a day, this method only works because one character is logged in over the daily reset which impacts how the server flags what has and hasn’t been done for that day. It limits this little trick to an extra four Boons per day, and you must have the ability to play at reset time.

For some people, this will cut the time it takes to reach the max discount in half (from 20 days played down to 10). For others, it will at least provide a nice way to get a few extra boons here and there without worrying about being limited per day. Destiny players will always take the path of least resistance, and finding ways to game the game is almost a game within itself. There’s a possibility that Bungie might look into fixing this, but I see it as a harmless enough way to make the grind somewhat easier, so it might not fly to the top of their priority list. After all, they are just about to launch a massive new expansion with cross-save functionality on all platforms. They’ve got more important things to worry about.