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Rumor: Former Rockstar Dev Claims Bully 2 Was in Development for Last-Gen Platforms but Was Canceled

A former Rockstar New England developer has reportedly claimed that Bully 2 was once in development for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 but was ultimately canceled. What sets this rumor apart from the rest is that some of the story details revealed fall in line with a previous leak, the rumor comes from a known Rockstar leaker, Fika122, and the unnamed developer’s identity was separately verified by trusted Bully community member and YouTuber, SWEGTA.

According to the developer, Bully 2‘s story focused on Jimmy’s summer vacation at his mom’s new husband’s “enormous” house. Players would be able to attend a summer camp, explore a nearby town, and would have to deal with their new step siblings. As pointed out by ResetEra users, six months ago, a Redditor leaked a soundtrack sample purportedly from the game, which suggested that Bully 2 had a “summer camp/wilderness angle.”

The developer further claimed that he worked on Bully 2 for several months before he was laid off. At the time of the project’s cancellation, he was working on pranks and a climbing system. One of the pranks he was working on involved trip wires using early rope physics from Red Dead Redemption.

The developer was also reportedly working on mechanics like “a running dive into a garbage can to hide from someone chasing you” and putting “your back to a column or tree and shimmy around it to stay out of sight.”

When asked why Bully 2 was canceled, the developer said that he has “no clue.”

“I got laid off very unexpectedly,” he added. “There hadn’t been any indication that higher ups were unhappy.”

The developer also indicated that it’s possible that Rockstar did resurrect Bully 2 at some point, noting that he left the company a decade ago and “anything could have happened in the meantime.”

Recent reports do suggest that Rockstar is working on Bully 2 so it’s possible that the game is in development for next-gen platforms.

[Source: ResetEra]