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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Dev Acknowledges That the Game Had Too Many Bugs at Launch

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Community Manager, Christian Piontek, has acknowledged in a Reddit ask-me-anything session that the game suffered from a number of bugs at launch and that Warhorse Studios miscalculated their impact.

In response to a fan who asked what the studio thinks was its “biggest mistake,” Piontek said:

To be humble and honest here, our biggest mistake was probably to not plan enough time into the game for bug fixing in the beginning, while believing that the output of our development would be good enough in the first attempts. But Kingdom Come: Deliverance came out as a very complex game, and at the release there were more bugs in the game than expected. It took us a lot of work to fix them with patches, and right now, we are still working on a patch because we want to fix as many bugs as possible. Now we are at a point, where we are quite happy with the game. That’s why we came up with the Royal Edition. But this was a hard lesson for us, and for future projects, we need to keep in mind how important bug fixes are.

Despite being marred by bugs, Kingdom Come: Deliverance‘s original release has sold over two million copies, making Warhorse Studios’ debut project a success. A Royal Edition released back in May, and included an “enhanced version” of the game along with all of its additional content.

In February 2019, Warhorse Studios and its IP was acquired by THQ Nordic’s subsidiary, Koch Media.

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