After Many Delays, Tropico 6 Will Come to Consoles in September

Kalypso Media and Limbic Entertainment originally had Tropico 6 penciled in for a 2018 release date on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. This obviously didn’t happen. Instead, the title underwent a few more console delays, one of which came about because the experience was not yet “outstanding.” Is it outstanding now? Console fans will know soon enough. Kalypso has announced that Tropico 6 will finally release on the PS4 and Xbox One in a couple of months on September 27th.

The city builder and dictator simulator hit PC earlier this year on March 29th. It’s presently available for the Xbox One via an older version on Xbox Game Preview, which has recently received an update. PlayStation 4 fans of the series will get their hands on the new entry for the first time when it launches in September, in the event there is not another delay, of course.

In Tropico 6, players adopt the role of El Presidente who rules over Tropico, the fictional banana republic from which the franchise gets its namesake. This entry in the long-running strategy series offers a whole host of new additions. For example, archipelagos will be available to play on for the first time, meaning players will have the ability to manage a number of islands concurrently. Tropic 6 is also bringing with it brand-new possibilities where the series’ infrastructure and transportation possibilities are concerned.

Once again, El Presidente’s leadership will be put to the test, thanks to political and social upheaval. Players will have to decide how best to manage the islands over which El Presidente has absolute rule. Does he make an honest attempt at upholding democracy? Or does he cheat and bully his way to winning and maintaining power? PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can decide on this and more in just a couple of months.

[Source: Kalypso Media Blog]