Streets of Rage 4 Soundtrack Will be Made by the Original Composers, and Some Surprising Guests

There’s still a whole lot we don’t know about Streets of Rage 4. However, we do know one important aspect of the upcoming game: who will be making the soundtrack! Original series composers Yūzō Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima will be back one again, though they won’t be alone. Some true video game all-stars will also be helping make the music in this highly-anticipated title.

Having composers from Streets of Rage’s past definitely helps to make this long-awaited title feel more real. However, having such an esteemed group of video game veterans join them makes the prospect even more exciting. First off is Yoko Shimomura, perhaps best known as the main composer of the Kingdom Hearts series. In addition, she has a wide array of other video game credits, from Street Fighter II to Super Mario RPG.

Joining them is Hideki Naganuma, who has worked on some of Sega’s most beloved titles, including Jet Set Radio and Super Monkey Ball, which makes this even more fitting. Finally, there’s Keiji Yamagishi whose work can be heard on titles like Ninja Gaiden and more.

This is certainly a high-caliber group of composers. Unfortunately, we don’t haven’t gotten the chance to hear any of their new works yet. We’re promised more details on the Streets of Rage 4 soundtrack in the future, so hopefully we’ll hear something sooner rather than later.

Withholding information is pretty much the standard for Streets of Rage 4 at this point. The first core entry in the series in 25 years, no release date has been given for the Dotemu-developed title. We don’t even know what platforms it is set to release on, either. Hopefully, now that we have named composers, more information will continue to reveal itself. Either way, it’s certainly exciting to see this title, which has been decades in the making, come together.