Monster Hunter: World Sales Reach More Than 13 Million Units

Monster Hunter: World continues to reign and has reached another impressive sales milestone. As we reported back in May of 2019, the action RPG had reached 12 million units shipped, and became Capcom’s best-selling game of all time. The latest sales figures indicate that Monster Hunter: World has reached a whopping 13 million units shipped worldwide as of July 17, 2019.

This comes by way of the official Monster Hunter Twitter page. Fans will also be rewarded with a special item pack from July 25th to August 29th as part of the celebration for the game’s milestone. The rewards will include an Attack Jewel, 13 Appreciation Tickets, 13 Silver Eggs, and 3 Heavy Armor Spheres.

The comments in response to the tweet above are filled with praise, particularly with the fact that Capcom is giving away an Attack Jewel. That’s because it’s a rare decoration that many fans actively seek and this is a great opportunity for them to get their hands on one.

With these impressive sales, Monster Hunter: World’s upcoming expansion, Iceborne will be starting things off with a large player-base, which can only bode well for Capcom. Iceborne will be massive and add a slew of new monsters, more story content, and introduce all-new game mechanics like the Clutch Claw. We got to try it at E3 2019 and absolutely loved it, so we have high hopes for how it will turn out when it releases this September.

Earlier in July of 2019, Capcom explained why it thought Monster Hunter: World turned out to be so successful. The company noted that the migration to home consoles from handhelds helped tremendously, as well as a simultaneous worldwide release.

What do you make of Monster Hunter: World’s continued success? Have you played it yet? Let us know!

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