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Netflix’s The Witcher Will Be a ‘Very Adult Show,’ Says Lauren Hissrich

The Witcher executive producer and showrunner, Lauren Hissrich, has reassured fans that the upcoming Netflix series will be a “very adult show” but it won’t include violent and sex scenes simply for shock value.

Entertainment Weekly caught up with Hissrich ahead of the release of The Witcher‘s debut trailer, and asked her if it would be accurate to assume that the series will be tame compared to shows such as HBO’s Game of Thrones. Hissrich replied:

That’s a pretty inaccurate assumption! I’ve been rewatching dailies and my kids aren’t allowed to look at the screen anymore after one of them snuck around and saw something they shouldn’t have seen and it scared him. It’s a very adult show. I will add it was important to me that any violence or sex drives the story and is not there just for shock value. I think audiences are really savvy and know when we’re doing stuff to just shock them versus do stuff that really drives the story.

Elsewhere in the interview, Hissrich expressed her confidence in Henry Cavill‘s casting, emphasizing that the actor is a huge fan of The Witcher. Cavill previously revealed that he has read Andrzej Sapkowski’s books and has played all of CD Projekt RED’s video game adaptations.

Hissrich continued:

I met him at the very beginning of the process. He said, ‘I would love to play this character.’ I said, ‘Henry, you’re amazing, but we haven’t even started thinking about casting yet.’ Then I met 207 other possible Geralts. And I came back to Henry at the end. He was my very first meeting and four months later I called him and asked if he was still interested and he was. The first time I met him I hadn’t even started writing the scripts yet. And once I started writing I couldn’t get Henry’s voice out of my head for the character.

Netflix’s The Witcher will release in late 2019.

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]