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Former Wolfenstein Developers Form Bad Yolk Games Studio

Former Wolfenstein: The New Order, The New Colossus, and DOOM developers Michael Paixao and Joel Jonsson have announced a new Swedish development studio, Bad Yolk. Paixao is the Studio Head, while Jonsson is Creative Director. At present, there are ten “senior AAA developers” working at Bad Yolk in a team with over 90 years of experience combined.

According to the studio’s official website, the current staff includes senior programmers, senior artists, an office manager, and a technical designer. Collectively, this team of ten has published more than 14 AAA games during their careers, including the likes of Chronicles of RiddickGears of War, The Darkness, and The Division. For now, it seems as though the team at Bad Yolk intends to remain small for the time being, as the studio is not hiring.

Presently, Bad Yolk isn’t able to talk about what it has in development. However, there is indeed a new intellectual property currently in production. While the team wants this project and whatever else it may produce to be high quality games, a quality work environment also seems integral to the studio’s overall goals. Bad Yolk’s aim is to “attract the best talent” by ensuring that a good work-life balance takes center stage.

In a statement concerning Bad Yolk’s announcement, Studio Head Michael Paixao noted, “Obviously high quality video games should be fun to play, but we also believe that they should be fun to make and that creativity thrives best in a healthy and balanced work environment, which is a central pillar of our corporate message and structure.”

Below is an image of the company’s very snazzy logo:

bad yolk games

Both Paixao and Jonsson had a lengthy history with MachineGames, the Wolfenstein studio. Paixao began at Ubisoft Massive, before making the transition to MachineGames. Jonsson’s first job was with the Wolfenstein developer, first working as an intern, then becoming one of the team’s technical artists.

[Source: Bad Yolk]