Wolfenstein 3 has possibly entered development. Will it be Xbox exclusive?

Wolfenstein 3 Possibly in Development at MachineGames

Wolfenstein 3 may have entered development at MachineGames, if new job listings published by the studio are anything to go by. Publisher Bethesda previously said that it’s “absolutely doing” Wolfenstein 3, but with MachineGames working on Indiana Jones, it was unclear if a new Wolfenstein had been formally greenlit.

Will Wolfenstein 3 release on PS5?

As spotted by Tech4Gamers, a job listing for Senior Animator seeks candidates who are passionate about “first-person immersive games.” It then proceeds to mention “strong familiarity” with MachineGames’ past titles and experience “animating creatures or quadruped characters” as preferred skills.

Considering MachineGames is known for its work on Wolfenstein and the series features quadrupedal machines, it’s easy to see why fans are convinced Wolfenstein 3 is in the works.

Following the acquisition of ZeniMax Media, both Bethesda and MachineGames became part of Xbox studios. Microsoft has previously said that it’ll decide video game exclusivity on a case-by-case basis, and made games like Starfield and Redfall exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem. The company also indicated that The Elder Scrolls VI will be Xbox console exclusive. However, 2021’s Quake was a multiplatform release.

In light of this, it’s anybody’s guess if Wolfenstein 3 will make its way to the PS5 or not.