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Tragedy Strikes Nick Lightbearer in the Second We Happy Few DLC Arriving Next Week

Compulsion Games released the first round of We Happy Few DLC, They Came from Below, in April of this year. It focused around Roger and James, a memorable duo from the core game who were on the hunt for another significant We Happy Few character, Dr. Farady. The second DLC offering is on its way, but puts a different figure from the title at the heart of a new story. Rockstar Nick Lightbearer will return in the aptly title Lightbearer DLC on July 30th. We Happy Few players who own the Season Pass will have access to the new DLC when it launches. Those who want to pick up this new content separately will be able to do so for the price of $7.99.

In Lightbearer, tragedy strikes Wellington Wells’ most beloved musical icon. While attending a Nick Lightbearer fan convention, Nick and his fans are plagued by a series of horrific murders. Trouble is, the clues suggest the rock star may be the guilty party who senselessly took several lives. Making matters worse, throughout the convention’s festivities, Nick suffered from a slew of blackout periods, all of which conveniently occurred during the murders. Can he clear his name, or might Nick find that he indeed is the killer? We Happy Few players can find out soon enough.

Get a glimpse of Lightbearer in the teaser trailer below:

According to publisher Gearbox, Lightbearer will bring with it new modes of combat, a variety of puzzles, and more:

  • Enjoy a new story full of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll with a Wellington Wells twist.
  • Check out new handcrafted environments such as Nick’s favorite Music Shop.
  • Wield Nick’s Guitar or throw Golden Records to fend off fans & paparazzi with the power of music.
  • Cut right to the rock – you’re busy enough being a star without adding eating, sleeping, and crafting to the mix.
  • Trip your way through puzzles that’ll expand your mind.

We Happy Few’s Season Pass is still available for $19.99. It features three story-based pieces of DLC, They Came from Below, Lightbearer, and We All Fall Down. The latter bit of content does not yet have a release date.

[Source: Compulsion Games via Bloody Disgusting]