We Happy Few’s We All Fall Down Expansion Will See Wellington Wells Burn Next Week

We Happy Few’s final story expansion, We All Fall Down, is nearly upon us. Developer Compulsion Games will launch the new content across all platforms next week on November 19th for $7.99. Season Pass holders will receive access for no extra cost. Interestingly, it seems a fiery conclusion awaits within, courtesy of Victoria Byng who aims to free the people of Wellington Wells from their drug-induced stupor. How will she accomplish this exactly? By burning down the town, of course–likely the only sensible option.

See a sneak peek at the challenge awaiting Victoria Byng in the We All Fall Down trailer below:

Like everyone else in Wellington Wells, Victoria is an average everyday citizen, suffering from Joy withdrawals due to the drug’s shortage. Finally able to see things clearly, she unearths the truth about the town, Joy, and how the citizenry is controlled. Her goal soon becomes clear. Everyone must be freed by any means.

In addition to new story content, We All Fall Down will debut brand-new features. One involves a fresh take on combat, wherein Victoria will have the ability to lash enemies across the face with her whip. A shocking dart gun aims to make stealth easier, alongside rooftop traversal, which will allow players to explore Wellington Wells in a different fashion. Moreover, survival gameplay elements are no longer central to the experience. As such, crafting, eating, and sleeping aren’t requirements. There’s no time for such things when innocents need freeing and a city needs burning.

Check out a few screenshots from the expansion in the following image gallery:

We Happy Few hit the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One in 2018. Since then, Compulsion Games’ continued support of the title has seen it change quite drastically. While much of said support includes story expansions featured in the Season Pass, other updates have bolstered the title’s quality. One such update launched earlier this year, adding three new modes to the game.