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Lost Wing Looks Similar to Resogun, But Surprisingly More Intense

Lost Wing from developer BoxFrog Games and publisher 2Awesome Studio appears to be just what the doctor ordered for fans of intense, arcade-like action titles. In some respects, it looks as though it may fill a void left behind by a special little gem early PlayStation 4 adopters may fondly remember, Housemarque’s Resogun. Lost Wing is set to launch on an unspecified date this year for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One.

A closed beta for Lost Wing will go live some time after gamescom 2019 ends on August 24th. While a specific date for the beta is not known, those who are interested in joining can already sign up to participate. This can be done by visiting the game’s official website and subscribing to an email listing.

See Lost Wing’s incredibly intense gameplay in action with the announcement trailer linked below, which is backed by the game’s original electronic soundtrack:

Lost Wing players will pilot a ship that races throughout challenging sci-fi environments at top speeds. Getting from point A to B does not count as the sole point of difficulty, though. All manner of vicious enemies of various shapes and sizes will turn the challenge up to 11. Defeating these “megabosses,” adeptly navigating through the environments, and more will contribute to every player’s Lost Wing leaderboard position.

To progress through the game’s very chaotic world, unlocking and upgrading ships will serve as an essential part of the experience. Of course, the ships themselves can only do so much to improve the player’s chances of survival. As such, quick reflexes will be of the utmost importance when coursing through Lost Wing’s many procedurally generated race tracks. Gameplay will consist of shooting, dodging, and jumping over obstacles. Should things get too rough, a slow-down time option may help.

[Source: 2Awesome Studio via Gematsu]