Beta Invites and New Details for PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 7.00 Are Out

With beta invites currently rolling out, at least to PlayStation 4 owners in Europe, details about the PS4’s next major update are emerging. According to ResetEra users, the beta codes Sony is sending out for firmware update 7.00 can be used a total of 20 times. This may sound a bit excessive, but there appears to be a good reason for it. Changes are coming to the PS4’s Party system, which requires such drastic measures.

Those participating in the beta have relayed information that confirms Party sessions on PS4 will receive a pretty significant boost. After update 7.00 rolls out, players will be able to host Party chats featuring 16 people, instead of just the eight PS4 party sessions hold now.

Firmware update performance will also undergo a reasonably significant change. Once firmware update 7.00 releases, the PS4 will no longer need to always restart after each new update.

ResetEra user Hamster Plugin posted the following from Sony’s messaging on the matter:

Be one of the first players to try out the new PS4™ Party update, as part of the PlayStation® Beta experience. Play, chat and connect with even more friends online, as we’re boosting Party sessions from eight to 16 players – this brand-new feature is due to release in System Software Update 7.00.

Performance for system updates is also being improved, meaning your PS4™ won’t always need to restart after every update. Going forwards, select system software updates will automatically be installed after download if the [System Software Update Files] setting is switched on, found under:

[Settings] > [System] > [Auto Downloads]

If you participate in this Beta trial, you won’t be able to join the same Party or use Share Play with others who aren’t also participating in the trial. Once you’ve opted in to the trial, Parties that you’re able to join will have an asterisk (*) in front of the Party name.

Presently, it remains unclear as to how long the System Software Update 7.00 beta will last. As such, the PS4’s next major firmware update also lacks a release date.

The last significant update for the platform, Update 6.50, launched this March. Its most notable feature introduced support for iOS Remote Play to the console.

[Source: ResetEra via Wccftech]