Fangamer’s Merch Collection Adds Silent Hill Shirts and Vinyl Soundtracks

Following the cancellation of Silent Hills, it seemed Konami’s beloved Silent Hill may be on an indefinite hiatus, but fans can still get their hands on new merchandise. Fangamer recently added a few items related to the horror franchise on its website, and each one is available to preorder. The small collection includes two brand-new t-shirts, a Room 302 pin, and two vinyl soundtracks featuring color schemes exclusive to the online storefront. Every item is expected to ship in mid-August.

The two shirts, both priced at $24, are inspired by Silent Hill 2. One, which appears off-white in color, is meant to depict protagonist “James Sunderland’s nightmares come to life.” This “Conflicted Form” shirt was designed by freelance digital artist Ian Wilding. Designed by comic creator and cartoonist Nina Matsumoto, the second t-shirt, a black top referred to as “Mira’s Plan,” will allow fans to proudly don reference to Silent Hill 2’s “iconic bonus ending.”

Each of the two vinyl soundtracks cost $35, one from the first entry in the series and the other for the acclaimed sequel. Both are double-LPs, presented by Mondo and featuring art exclusive to Fangamer. The Silent Hill vinyl includes 41 tracks total; its colors were inspired by series characters Harry Mason and Cybil Bennett. New York-based artist Sam Wolfe Connelly provided the incredible artwork that graces the vinyl’s packaging. Meanwhile, Silent Hill 2’s vinyl comes packed with 30 haunting tracks in all, with vinyl colors inspired by the very memorable Bubble Head Nurses and Pyramid Head.

Finally, Fangamer’s Silent Hill collection features a $12 Room 302 pin, based on the world of Silent Hill 4. The two-inch enamel pin, designed by artist Tony Kuchar, is currently sold out. However, fans interested in picking it up at a later date can sign up to receive new information once the item is back in stock.

Get a closer look at the items in the image gallery featured below:

(Source: Fangamer via Bloody Disgusting)