DOOM 64 Rated for PlayStation 4 and PC

A listing released by European rating board, PEGI, has outed DOOM 64 for the PlayStation 4 and PC. The 1997 Nintendo 64 game will be the fourth classic DOOM title to hit current-gen platforms. It was only yesterday that Bethesda surprised players by making DOOM 1, 2, and  3 available for download right away.

As Gematsu has noted, the ratings that leaked DOOM 1 and 2 only mentioned PS4 and PC as release platforms. However, the titles are also available on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and smartphones. So although the rating below only lists PS4 and PC as release platforms, DOOM 64 will probably launch on all of the aforementioned platforms as well.

DOOM 64 was originally developed by now-defunct Midway Games, the developer behind Mortal Kombat 14. The title, which is set after DOOM 2, hasn’t been ported over to any other platforms until now.

As usual, we’ll update our readers when we have more information. For now, make sure to check out the classic trilogy. DOOM 1 and 2 cost $4.99 each, and DOOM 3 comes with a price tag of $9.99.

Any of our readers looking forward to DOOM 64? Let us know if you’ll be picking it up.