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Quantic Dream Wants to Publish Games Across All Genres, Says It Had a ‘Fantastic’ Partnership With Sony

Quantic Dream CEO, David Cage, has said that the studio had a “fantastic” partnership with Sony for 12 years that gave its developers creative freedom and liberty to do whatever they wanted. However, as part of its efforts to explore new opportunities, Quantic Dream is now looking to publish games across all genres.

In an interview with GameSpot, Cage said that the company is currently working on different projects and is also interested in working with other developers.

We are working around on different projects, and that’s also something we wanted to do for a long time. Putting the same passion and the same enthusiasm and exploring maybe different jobs. An important part of what we wanted to do was to become a publisher to publish our own games, that was something important to us, but also to work with other developers, and not necessarily regarding interactive storytelling, but any genre. As long as it’s original, innovative, and high-quality, we are interested. And we have been in this industry for 22 years, so we just felt that maybe we could also share the experience we had being a developer ourselves for a long time, sharing access to motion capture, to sound stages, to actors, to talents, to outsourcing, all the industrial advantages that we may have. Technology also could be shared. And just give a chance to other developers to get access to this fantastic market and to gamers, and just help them the best we can.

Cage added that the gaming scene has gone through significant changes in recent years, and Quantic Dream wants to explore new platforms such as mobile devices and cloud.

[Source: GameSpot]