Two Point Hospital Dev Is Aiming to Make Its Console Version the ‘Absolute Best Version’ Possible

Two Point Studios and SEGA recently announced that the former’s critically-acclaimed simulation game, Two Point Hospital, will release for consoles sometime in 2019. In a new blog post discussing the upcoming ports, the developer has said that a console version was always a part of its plans and that it was a question of “when” rather than “if.”

Two Point Studios also said that it’s aiming to make Two Point Hospital‘s console version the “absolute best version” possible, and to achieve that, the team has hired additional talent.

The studio further wrote:

People tell us how they’d love to play it on the train: step in Nintendo Switch version. They tell us they love to play along on the PC version with their kids, their sisters, their dads. PS4 and Xbox One allow us to bring those experiences into the living room.

Every time we show people Two Point Hospital, we’re very fortunate that they want to play more. So, bringing it to the widest possible audience makes absolute sense for us, and is a really exciting opportunity to bring the humor and fun of the game to more people. Hey, if people like our dad jokes that’s the best form of validation we can hope for.

Our audience for Two Point Hospital is incredibly diverse. We have hardcore management sim strategists, who love min-maxing their hospitals and devising the most extreme patient flows. We have players who will take their time and work their way slowly up to 3 stars on every hospital, designing every nook and cranny to look as beautiful as it can.

We’ll update our readers when a release date is announced.

Any of our readers looking forward to this one?

[Source: Two Point Studios]