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Apex Legends Will be Getting a ‘Fan-Requested’ Feature in August

As a live service game, Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends continues to grow and evolve. New features, weapons, and characters are added to the battle royale hit as time goes on. Come August, expect to see a new feature hit Apex Legends, one that has apparently been “one of the most fan-requested.” It will coincide with a brand new event, though that’s all we know at this moment.

The news was revealed in the most recent EA earnings call by CEO Andrew Wilson. As Wilson wouldn’t elaborate on the event, we don’t know whether the event in question will simply be the new feature, or if it will be a part of something bigger. In addition, we don’t know when in August it will launch, though we should expect to see it “in the next few weeks.”

As for what that feature possibly could be, the sky’s the limit for fan-requested features. Cross-platform play has been a possibility since Apex Legends launched, though nothing has come form it. That would certainly warrant a big “event,” though we’ll see if EA and Respawn will be able to pull it off. We could also see a major shift in the gameplay of Apex Legends, such as allowing solos or duos. We won’t have to wait too long to find out, however.

EA certainly isn’t pulling any support for Apex Legends anytime soon. It’s about to get its first official competitive event, with a pretty hefty prize pool. Season 2 only launched about a month ago, bringing with it an electrifying new character, Wattson. As for Season 3, Wilson confirmed it will debut “next quarter.” Wilson also reiterated EA’s plans to bring Apex Legends to China, though there isn’t more to report on at this time.

What kind of feature are you hoping comes to Apex Legends? Let us know!

[Source: Eurogamer]