Remedy Confirms Post-Launch Photo Mode and No New Game Plus for Control

For quite some time, Remedy developers have been hinting at the possibility of a Photo Mode for Control. However, the team is now ready to outright confirm that such a feature will indeed exist. It won’t be ready at launch, though. Additionally, the studio has said definitively that a New Game Plus option will not be available in Control at launch, nor are there plans to add it in at a later date.

The studio’s Communications Director, Thomas Puha, relayed all of the above during a recent interview with IGN. Puha revealed Remedy will begin work on a Photo Mode once the game launches. He said, “There will be a Photo mode post-launch. Once we’ve had a bit of a break from shipping the game, catch our breath, we’ll get to work on that.”

Puha then went on to explain why New Game Plus won’t be an option. This decision primarily seems to come down to the studio’s limited resources. The Communications Director explained, “There won’t be a New Game Plus mode. It’s something we’ve talked about, but unfortunately there are certain game design constraints, technical reasons, and simply a lack of resources as to why we cannot do that.”

Another interesting point from the interview was Puha’s talk of challenge modes. While they will not be present for the game’s launch, the team is not yet sure as to whether such features will eventually make the cut. According to Puha,

There are no challenge or survival modes, but let’s see what we’ll do post-launch. Our team is really small so we have to carefully choose what we can do. Whatever alternate game modes we could do, they’d have to fit into the world of Control.

Remedy’s newest adventure will place players in the role of Jesse Faden on the day of a job interview. However, when she arrives at The Oldest House, HQ for the Federal Bureau of Control, things quickly go haywire. Suddenly, the supernatural phenomena the Bureau safeguards the world against breaks lose, leaving Jesse to fend for herself.

Control, which has recently gone gold, will come to the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One later this month on August 27th. Those who preorder Remedy’s latest will be treated to in-game extras. Digital bonus items will also be awarded to consumers who pick up the game on day one or purchase the Digital Deluxe version.

[Source: IGN via Wccftech]