Minecraft’s Super Duper Graphics Pack Canceled Because It Was ‘Technically Demanding’

Minecraft’s Super Duper Graphics Pack is no more. That’s right, Mojang announced the game’s ambitious texture pack has been canceled due to it being “too technically demanding to implement as planned.” It seems that after at least two years of development, the pack was not coming together as Mojang had hoped and has ceased development, despite the excitement for the optional expansion.

As announced during E3 2017, the Super Duper Graphics Pack was supposed to enhance the visuals in Minecraft by a substantial amount. This would have introduced volumetric lighting, textures with reflective surfaces, dynamic shadows, the conversion of flat textures to 3D models, and more. In other words, it would have made the game look incredible, especially in terms of its lightning. You wouldn’t think it would be too difficult to implement such features into a game like Minecraft, but evidently it was way more complicated than it seemed.

There was also some confusion as to whether the texture pack would have come to the PS4. It was originally advertised for Xbox One and PC, with no mention of Sony. That makes sense, since Mojang is a Microsoft property, but it was later revealed the pack was confirmed for many platforms. “It will be anywhere that you can play Minecraft in the new version,” said the game’s rendering lead Cameron Egbert.

It’s unclear if any of the work done on the Super Duper Graphics Pack will be transferred to something else or if the entire project has been scrapped entirely. Even though Minecraft is the best-selling game of all time, development isn’t always smooth sailing. For the time being, you can still look forward to the Minecraft movie, which is expected to release in theaters sometime in 2022.

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[Source: Minecraft]