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Epic’s New German Studio Will Be All About ‘Interactive Media and Streaming Technologies’

A few months ago, Epic Games added Rocket League developer Psyonix to its growing stable of studios. Now, another team is being added to the equation, with a brand-new studio recently opening in Cologne, Germany. Fittingly, the publisher’s dubbed this fresh team of creatives Epic Games Cologne. The Factor 5 founders, who were behind Turrican and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, will lead the Cologne studio for Epic. According to the publisher’s announcement of this news, Epic Game Cologne represents “part of the company’s expanding focus on emerging forms of interactive media and streaming technologies.”

Given the Factor 5 team’s pedigree, it seems Epic could not have picked a better group to help advance its streaming technology plans. For example, Epic Games Director of Online Technology Julian Eggebrecht and Cologne Studio Director Achim Moller once worked alongside the likes of Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix for media delivery. The pair also has experience in providing services to Nintendo and Sony as “technology partners.”

No further details about what the team at Epic Games Cologne will produce have been discussed. In a statement regarding the studio’s opening, Eggebrecht did note the team is actively hiring. According to the news posting itself, Epic has more than 200 job positions open around the world, most of which appear to be listed on the company’s official website.

The opening of Epic Games Cologne and the recent acquisition of Psyonix brings Epic Games’ total number of studios to a whopping 16 worldwide. Quite a few of these studios were acquired by the publisher just this year alone. Given Epic’s overwhelming surge of success over the last couple of years, most notably due to Fortnite, it’s no wonder the company’s seeing such quick growth. It should be intriguing to see if the company is able to keep this growth and pace up.

[Source: Epic Games]