Borderlands 3 Download and Minimum Save Sizes Revealed

Sony and Microsoft have both updated their online storefronts ahead of Borderlands 3‘s release, revealing the game’s minimum HDD save size and download size, respectively.

According to Xbox Live, the base game’s download size is an estimated 39.98 GB. Borderlands 3‘s listing on the PlayStation Store doesn’t mention the download size but does say that it requires a minimum save space of 75 GB. Considering the complete download and installation process often requires double the space on the PlayStation 4, it’s safe to say that the game’s actual download size will be roughly the same on both consoles.

However, if you’re planning to purchase Borderlands 3‘s post-launch content then you’re going to need to clear out a lot more than 75 GB of space. Gearbox Software has said that it’s working on four hefty DLC packs that will be “crazy and varied.”

“For Borderlands 3 we’re continuing that tradition with some interesting, bizarre genre takes on DLC,” the developer said in a recent interview with Wccftech. “It will be new locations. New places, new characters, returning old characters you didn’t meet or see enough of in the main game.”

Borderlands 3 recently went gold. Gearbox Software has since been adding final touches, polishing and improving the game where necessary before its release on September 13th for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Are our readers looking forward to it?

[Source: PlayStation Store, Microsoft via MP1st]

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