Expect New Areas and the Return of Old Characters in Borderlands 3 DLC

Gearbox Software has already said it is unlikely Borderlands 3 DLC will offer new Vault Hunters for players to experience. However, that does not mean post-launch plans will be any less exciting. According to one of the title’s lead writers, Danny Homan, the DLC for the franchise’s latest entry will offer content just as wild as what was on display in Borderlands 2‘s DLC. This will include brand-new areas to explore, a “bizarre” take on a genre, and the return of characters who may not appear in the main game.

Wccftech spoke with Homan about Gearbox’s post-launch plans for Borderlands 3. Although he was unable to divulge too much information, the writer did say the studio will release a total of four DLC packs. Apparently, fans should anticipate content comparable to that which released after Borderlands 2’s launch, such as Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty. Homan said, “We’re working on four DLC packs, which will be crazy and varied. In Borderlands 2 we had a pirate adventure and a D&D fantasy thing. For Borderlands 3 we’re continuing that tradition with some interesting, bizarre genre takes on DLC.”

Homan then went on to explain that the DLC won’t merely feature a “remix” of content from the core experience. Rather, all-new experiences are being developed. According to the writer, “It will be new locations. New places, new characters, returning old characters you didn’t meet or see enough of in the main game.” Obviously, Gearbox is keeping specific details and the like under wraps for now. With the game set to launch in the coming weeks, this is unlikely to remain the case for very long.

Borderlands 3 will launch in just a few weeks on September 13th for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. The title’s three special editions are currently available for preorder online and at various retailers in-store.

[Source: Wccftech]