Borderlands 3 Probably Won’t Get Additional Vault Hunters as DLC

We know Borderlands 3 will have DLC. Despite a somewhat baffling controversy, it has been confirmed that it will feature both campaign and cosmetic DLC (or microtransactions, for those who are into the semantics of it). However, many have been wondering if it will feature DLC in the form of new Vault Hunters, as the past games have. While the idea wasn’t necessarily shut down, fans probably shouldn’t expect new Vault Hunters to pop up in Borderlands 3. However, you may see the four that are already present gain a few new tricks following launch.

The statement was given by Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, who probably knows a thing or two about Borderlands 3’s development (maybe). When asked by a fan if it would feature DLC characters, Pitchford seemed lukewarm on the idea:

Of course, this isn’t completely shutting down the idea. It seems like, at the moment, post-launch plans are up in the air as Gearbox finishes up the game itself. However, if Borderlands 3 doesn’t end up getting DLC characters, it would be a change from the precedent set in Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, which both got additional post-launch Vault Hunters.

However, the thought of expanding the skill trees of each character is an exciting prospect. We’ve gotten a peek at the skill trees for two of the four playable characters, Zane and Amara, as well as some hands on time with the game ourselves, and those characters are certainly deep enough already. Whether these additions would come in the form of new abilities or a whole new tree is anyone’s guess at the moment.

Of course, plans are still very tentative, and could change as development progresses. As some fans have pointed out, popular characters like Gaige and Krieg were introduced via DLC. However, it seems that Gearbox sees expanding the skillsets for characters already available is a more worthwhile investment, at least if Pitchford’s assessment of the data is anything to go by.

Borderlands 3 will you release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 13, 2019. Are you disappointed at the apparent lack of DLC characters, or do you prefer the approach Gearbox plans on taking? Let us know!