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Ghostrunner Revealed for PS4, and It’s Basically Titanfall with Swords

Publisher All in! Games just announced Ghostrunner for the PS4 ahead of gamescom 2019. It looks like Titanfall, if that game had you playing as a ninja instead of a very mobile space marine. A lot of the game’s inspiration seems to be drawn from a variety of first-person titles like the aforementioned TitanfallDishonored, Shadow Warrior, and Max Payne.

You can check out the trailer down below:

Ghostrunner will be a one-hit, one-kill, game meaning that players will have to be on their toes throughout every encounter. There will be a bullet-time system that can be used to make slower and more methodical decisions to take out enemies efficiently and minimize the odds of dying. Additionally, being stealth in every level will definitely play a role in your overall efficiency. Familiarity with various environmental mechanics will also prove to be helpful, as you run from wall to wall and fling yourself across large gaps using a grappling hook.

While the main character uses a samurai-like blade, the game is set in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world. Its story still remains a mystery. However, we do know quite a bit about gameplay from the clip shared. Environments look to be filled with open platforms that are separated by large gaps. It seems there will be little room for any sort of tactical gunplay, meaning players will have to get in quickly with their blade if they hope to stand a chance against bigger groups of enemies. Paired with the free-flowing movement and bullet-time systems, it’ll be interesting to explore all the ways players can overcome obstacles as they’re introduced in-game.

Developer One More Level is no stranger to this gameplay style, if its God’s Trigger is anything to go by. Players can also definitely expect some gratuitous and satisfying executions throughout.

As of right now, Ghostrunner has no concrete release date.