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Max Payne Comes to PS4 on April 22, Kinetica Trademark Suggests Upcoming PS4 Release

European PS Blog reveals the good news!

Remedy Entertains Idea of Returning to the Max Payne Series

“[Remedy] could come up with something cool.”

Rise of the Kasai Is the Next PS2 Game Coming to PS4, Releases on March 8

Max Payne PS4 Trophies surface.

Shuhei Yoshida Casts Doubt on SOCOM and Crash Coming to PS4

Looks like Max Payne is headed to PS4.

Take-Two Explains Why Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption Aren’t Annualized

Rockstar games are deliberately spaced out.

Daily Reaction: So, Microsoft Is “Going to Kill Sony at E3”…

With laughter.

Daily Reaction: The Greatest Terrible Video Game Movies

This explains our childhoods

New Version of Max Payne 3 Trailer Pops Up

A little over a week ago, Rockstar finally released the first officialRead the full article…

Pachter: E3 2011 Could Be The Best Yet

E3 2011 is mere weeks away now, and the entire industry isRead the full article…

Rockstar Teases “Much, Much More” on Max Payne, Releases New Screens

Announced back in 2004, Rockstar has been rather silent about Max PayneRead the full article…

Splinter Cell: Conviction Drew Inspiration from Uncharted

Last year saw one of the best titles to release on the PS3 thusRead the full article…

Max Payne Joins the 2010 Roster

Those of you that have been patiently waiting six long years forRead the full article…

PS3 Gets WET this September

It seems whenever a title is conjured up for WET, it alwaysRead the full article…

Max Payne 3 Fact Sheet

Max Payne 3 FACT SHEET

Max Payne 3 Ready For Bullet Time This Winter

Max Payne 3 Rockstar Games announced today that Max Payne 3 willRead the full article…

This Week’s Blu-Cast

Written by Azariah Ellington II Though it is freezing cold on theRead the full article…