Rockstar Reportedly Has Multiple Games Currently in Development

Based on recent statements from Rockstar Games developers, fans are aware that Red Dead Redemption 2 story DLC is not in the works. Instead, development on Red Dead is geared towards expanding the possibilities in Red Dead Online. But what else does the company have up its sleeves? All of the Grand Theft Auto VI rumors suggest GTA is next up to bat. What if that’s not all, though? According to a former Rockstar employee, the studio has more than one project currently in the works.

StayAdobe recently shared insight into the creative life of former Rockstar Games developer, Angith Jayarajan. In a blurb on StayAdobe’s Instagram page, Jayarajan is quoted as saying that during his brief time at Rockstar India, he worked on more than one title. “After [earning a Masters in animation and making] two animated short films, I worked at Rockstar Games. I worked on Red Dead Redemption 2 and a couple of games I can’t name yet,” Jayarajan said.

This could mean any number of things, or it could mean nothing. PlayStation 3 exclusive Agent, for instance, was known to have been worked on, but has remained under lock and key for many years. Still, Jayarajan’s revelation, if it can be called that, is rather interesting. Rockstar Games certainly has a large enough team of studios worldwide to pull off multiple projects at once.

Apart from the obvious Grand Theft Auto rumors, Bully 2 speculation manages to pop up every so often, as well. The most recent rumor about the long-awaited sequel alleges Rockstar has plans for a cross-gen release in late 2020, which pairs well now that we officially know the launch window for the PS5. A fourth Max Payne entry and a L.A. Noire follow-up could also serve as possibilities, or even a completely new IP from the publisher. Of course, this is all assuming Rockstar Games does indeed have more than one project in development at present.

[Source: StayAdobe on Instagram via SegmentNext]