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Rumor: Bully 2 Coming 2020 as a Cross-Gen Console Release

The rumors surrounding a Bully sequel have been making their rounds for quite some time, and now another supposed leak has added more fuel to the fire. Apparently, an unnamed Rockstar insider contacted YouTuber SWEGTA to leak him some information about a supposed Bully 2. He didn’t give a ton of specifics, but what he said was telling, nonetheless. He pointed to a cross-generational release, as well as a fall 2020 release window.

Here’s what the insider told SWEGTA:

The way they [Rockstar] are going about this has completely changed. As it stands, they are aiming to release their next game during the holiday season in 2020 (most likely October or November). I can’t say for sure, but that appears to be the current state of planning. Basically, what they want to do is release their next upcoming game on next gen hardware (PS5 and the new Xbox), as well as on the current gen. The motive for this is mainly financial, just like with GTA V on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Sadly, there isn’t much else to go on with this rumor, but it is worth noting that SWEGTA is considered by many to be a reliable source. The information given by the unnamed source also seems to be in line with what Twitter user @Yan2295 said, who was previously known as a Rockstar insider, himself.

Aside from the rumors, a sequel to Bully is something that fans have wanted for years. The community noticed a Bully reference in the most recent GTA Online update that featured an in-game painting of the Bullworth Academy logo. This lead to speculation that a sequel was in development from Rockstar Games.

At the end of the day, nothing has been officially confirmed by Rockstar in regards to a Bully sequel. It would certainly make sense to see it happen, but since all we have to work with are rumors, it’s best to take things with a grain of salt. After all, Rockstar is one of the most secretive development studios around.

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