PlayStation 4 Players Can Now Join the Action in Black Desert

After an incredibly lengthy waiting period, Black Desert has finally landed on the PlayStation 4. Developer Pearl Abyss announced the news, noting that PS4 owners have three purchasing options from which to choose. The Standard Edition costs $29.99, the Deluxe Edition runs for $49.99, and the Ultimate Edition is worth $99.99. Each of these three versions comes packed with extra perks. Exclusive pets such as the Snow Wolfdog and Junaid Cat and the Shudad Outfit Set serve as but a few examples of said digital goodies.

To celebrate the MMORPG’s arrival on PlayStation hardware, Pearl Abyss release a new live-action teaser. Actress Megan Fox star in the brief trailer, which doesn’t run for very long. Check it out in the video below:

An open-world MMORPG, Black Desert has been available on PC for years. It landed on the Xbox One earlier this spring. Now that it’s on PS4, Pearl Abyss has yet another platform for its massive online title. And it is massive, with plans in place for it to grow even further, too. During a gamescom 2019 event, the studio held a launch party. In addition to celebrating the PS4 release, a content roadmap was unleashed.

At present, there are no release dates attached to the content. Yet, Pearl Abyss provided a pretty good overview for what fans should expect going forward. For one, fan feedback will be of the utmost importance in deciding which classes arrive in Black Desert next. Two new regions are also on the way, Valencia and Kalmasylvia. Valencia, a desert area, will serve as the game’s largest region. Meanwhile, Kalmasylvia will bring in a beautiful land filled with grasslands and waterfalls. New boss creatures will enter the experience, too.

We previewed Black Desert earlier this month. It seems a promising experience, one wherein players could get sucked into either one of the many gameplay pillars it has on offer. Venturing into the world to explore and fight enemies is one option. Simply enjoying being an in-game homebody who decorates and does little else represents another. The choice is yours.