Spike Chunsoft Will Host a Cyberpunk 2077 Booth at Tokyo Game Show 2019

Spike Chunsoft will publish Cyberpunk 2077 in Japan. It’s only fair, then, that the company hosts a Cyberpunk 2077-themed booth at Tokyo Game Show. So far, it seems as though Spike Chunsoft is going all out. Even the publisher’s website for the event borrows heavily from the game’s aesthetic.

In the booth at TGS, Spike Chunsoft will have a closed theater to demo live gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077. The version on display at the event will feature a Japanese-dub. In addition to showcasing the CD Projekt RED title, the publisher also intends to bring a little Cyberpunk to the real world. As such, a full-scale replica of the game’s “Yaiba Kusanagi” motorcycle will be on display. This will serve as the perfect opportunity for cosplayers to get their photos taken with a rare piece of memorabilia. Apparently, Spike Chunsoft will have character cosplayers of its own in attendance, who will pose with fans for a commemorative photo alongside the bike.

For now, it’s unknown which demo fans will see during the showcase. Still, TGS attendees are no doubt in for quite the treat when the show kicks off on September 11th. The Spike Chunsoft booth is slated to open on September 12th.

Fans in the West have a treat of their own to look forward to in the very near future. CD Projekt RED may have recently nixed its PAX West 2019 plans. However, a 15-minute gameplay demo will hit the web soon. On August 30th at 11:00am PST, the studio will host a livestream to show off the demo. Once its over, developer interviews will be held that offers gameplay insights and answer burning questions about the game in general.

Cyberpunk 2077 will launch early next year on April 16, 2020 for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

[Source: Spike Chunsoft via Gematsu]